Differences Between Acrylic Floor vs. Epoxy Floor Coating

Apr 12, 2022

The acrylic is a water-based floor coating made of acrylic polymer emulsions. Meanwhile, the epoxy coating comprises a resin and polyamine hardener, making epoxy better. As a 100% resin product, it is more resistant and durable than acrylic. Following, pls check five key differences between both types of coatings.


If you want to focus on interior floor coating, epoxy coating is specially developed, while acrylic coating can be used on both exterior & interior floors. Also, epoxy is designed for areas prone to oil or chemical leaks.


The epoxy coating provides a long-wearing surface due to its being abrasion-resistant, unlike the acrylic coating.


Epoxy coating provides a high gloss finish, while acrylic coating provides a more diverse option for finishing looks, ranging from matte to glossy. Besides, acrylic coatings are more rentable for decorative concrete where there is no heavy foot traffic. Acrylic works like a protective coating, and it does not penetrate the concrete.


Affordability plays a deciding factor for any product, which applies when choosing between acrylic and epoxy. As mentioned before, as epoxy is more durable due to the resin, it increases the price. Besides, it has been shown that water-based solutions are cheaper than 100% solid epoxy resin products.


It’s vital to know that epoxy lasts more time to dry than acrylic. Also, you should be careful with the application because water could damage the application if it is not well dry.There are some areas where you can use acrylic and epoxy:

Acrylic Coating

• Exterior surfaces like stamped concrete

• Interior floors to make them resistant to staining

Epoxy Coating

• High traffic areas

• Manufacturing facilities

• Chemical containment areas

• Garages and Kitchens

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